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Ah! My Goddess

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Also Known as: ???????? ???? Aa! Megami-sama Oh! My Goddess
Author: FUJISHIMA Kosuke
Artist: FUJISHIMA Kosuke
Serialized in: Afternoon (Kodansha)

Summary: Alone in his dorm on a Saturday night, Nekomi Tech's Keiichi Morisato dials a wrong number that will change his life forever-reaching the Goddess Technical Help Line. Granted one wish by the charming young goddess Belldandy-a wish for anything in the world-Keiichi wishes she would stay with him always! Complications are bound to ensue from this; the immediate first being the new couple getting tossed out of the dorm-it's males only!
As the hapless student and his mysterious "foreign beauty" ride around looking for a new place to stay-risking the different dangers of seeking shelter with an otaku convinced Belldandy is an imaginary woman, and a Zen priest convinced she's a sinister witch-Keiichi's still got his classes on Monday morning! How is his new "exchange student" companion going to be received on the N.I.T. campus? A little too well for normal life to ever return...

Genre(s): comedy, fantasy, romance, seinen, shounen, supernatural

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08-23-2011 273 - The Only One There Is Goddess Miyaku Team Ah! My Goddess 273