Featured Series: Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden by AMANO Youichi

Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden

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Author: AMANO Youichi
Artist: AMANO Youichi
Serialized in: Weekly Shounen Jump

Summary: Based on the Chinese novel "Shui Hu Zhuan," about the trials and tribulations of a band of outlaws during the mid-Sung dynasty. It's 1112 and China is in turmoil due in part to the present government's inability to control its own provincial officials from preying on their people. But tales of a band of outlaws punishing these abusive officers called "Taiten Gyoudou" is spreading and their deeds are giving people hope. Suiren, a young village girl believing in the outlaws, happens to encounter one of the members of "Taiten Gyoudou" named "Falling Star" Tai Sou and thus begins their journey.

Genre(s): action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, shounen

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