Featured Series: Baka and Boing by Kobayashi Hiyoko

Baka and Boing

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Author: Kobayashi Hiyoko
Artist: Kobayashi Hiyoko

Summary: Yamada Taichi is an average and lonely boy who falls in love with an
Idol named Shina Kokoro. One day, there is a DVD promotion and a handshake event with the idol somewhere on the rooftop of a complex building. Kokoro falls from the rooftop onto Taichi who is on his way to the event. Both of them are being hospitalized. Taichi is slightly injured but Kokoro had to go through a surgery. While Taichi is being explained by a nurse about what happened, Kokoro comes to Taichi's ward room, and she comes through the walls! What on earth happened to her?....

Genre(s): ecchi, seinen, supernatural

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
05-17-2011 027 - Tree Baka and Boing 27
01-14-2009 003 - The Angel Has Come! DMXX Baka and Boing 3
01-03-2009 002 - Take Me Instead Twilight Heaven Baka and Boing 2
12-12-2008 001 - Fools and Angels Darkreaper70 Baka and Boing 1