Featured Series: Beet The Vandel Buster by Riku Sanjo

Beet The Vandel Buster

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Also Known as: Boken O Biito
Author: Riku Sanjo
Artist: Koji Inada
Serialized in: Shonen Jump

Summary: The story is set in the "Dark Ages", a term referring to the time since Vandels appeared and started attacking humans. Beet is a boy who dreams of joining the "Zenon Warriors", a group of "Vandel Busters" who are considered to be the strongest on the continent. When the group comes to protect his village from the Vandel, Beltorze, Beet tries to join them but is rejected.

When Beltorze appears, the Zenon Warriors seem to have the upper hand until Beet cheers them on, causing the Vandel to notice his presence. Beltorze attacks Beet so the Zenon Warriors to drop formation to help him. Beltorze uses that moment to attack again, which mortally wounds all of them. Hidden in the smoke, the Zenon Warriors decide to rescue Beet’s life by putting their life force into their “Saiga” and giving them to Beet.

Genre(s): action, adventure, comedy, shounen

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