Featured Series: Death God 4 by SATOGANE Shou

Death God 4

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Also Known as: ????? Death God4
Author: SATOGANE Shou
Artist: SATOGANE Shou
Serialized in: Mag Garden

Summary: Monsters descended upon the humans all of a sudden, monsters that can't be detected by most, unless they have a strong sense. An invisible predator, it feasts on humans to grow in strength and powers. 4 Death Gods are chosen to destroy these monsters and to seal the "sink" hiding the monsters fast.

Genre(s): action, fantasy, supernatural

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
01-10-2009 002 - Death Storm J.A.C. Death God 4 2
01-10-2009 001 - Death Siege J.A.C. Death God 4 1