Featured Series: Elemental Gelade by Mayumi Azuma

Elemental Gelade

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Also Known as: Erementar Gerad
Author: Mayumi Azuma
Artist: Mayumi Azuma
Serialized in: Monthly Comic Blade (a Japanese manga magazine)

Summary: The tale of Elemental Gelade is set in the world of Guardia where beings called Edel Raids co-exist with humans. Edel Raids have the ability to fuse with a human and become a living weapon. The story focuses on the adventures of a young sky pirate named Coud Van Giruet, an Edel Raid named Reverie Metherlance, and three guardians of an Edel Raid protection organization called Arc Aile named Cisqua, Rowen, and Kuea. Reverie Metherlance is set on journeying to the legendary land of gold called Edel Garden, but it turns out that she is a powerful and rare Edel Raid which leads to many villains attempting to kidnap her for themselves.

Genre(s): This manga is currently uncategorized

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