Featured Series: FLCL by Hajime Ueda


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Also Known as: Fooly Cooly
Author: Hajime Ueda
Artist: Hajime Ueda
Serialized in: tokyopop

Summary: Noata is a lonely boy in lonely town living a lonely life amidst utter chaos. His father's a perv, his grndfather a nut, and his brother ran off to seek riches in america, and his brother's dumb ex-girlfriend won't leave him alone. Now from beyond the stars drops an impish defender sent forth to stop alien robots from destroying Earth. Where do the alien robots come from? Well, from Naota's forehead for starters. From the twisted mind that Brought us End of Evangelion comes this bizarre tale of adolescence in a world gone mad.

Genre(s): This manga is currently uncategorized

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