Featured Series: Get Backers by Yuuya Aoki

Get Backers

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Author: Yuuya Aoki
Artist: Rando Ayamine
Serialized in: Weekly Shonen Magazine

Summary: From Tokyopop:
Blonde, hip, pragmatic and cool, Ginji Amano has the power to generate currents with his body like an electric eel. Brunette, equally hip, bespectacled and rambunctious, Ban Mido has the mystically mysterious 'Evil Eye,' the power to create illusions in the minds of his foes. Together, they are the GetBackers, the best retrieval team in the world. They can get back anything taken from clients, and their success rate is (almost) 100%!
However, first they have to get some clients--and soon--or this spry detective duo will starve on the streets!

Genre(s): This manga is currently uncategorized

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