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Hanada Shonen-shi

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Author: Makoto Isshiki
Artist: Makoto Isshiki

Summary: A little bumpkin kid by the name of Ichiro Hanada gets into all kinds of mischief until things take a turn for the nasty. Trying to escape the wrath of his enraged mother, he gets in an accident. Resulting in 9 stitches on the back of his head, and one little side-effect: a knack for the supernatural. Young Ichiro is now able to communicate with ghosts, who just can't get off his back with all kinds of requests.

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Genre(s): comedy, drama, seinen, supernatural

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
05-01-2008 004 - Grandma's Request Entropy Hanada Shonen-shi 4
05-01-2008 003 - I Said, Come Here Entropy Hanada Shonen-shi 3
05-01-2008 002 - I'll Help You Entropy Hanada Shonen-shi 2
05-01-2008 001 - Beginning of the Beginning Entropy Hanada Shonen-shi 1