Featured Series: Hohzuki Island by Kei Sanbe

Hohzuki Island

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Also Known as: The Island of Hohzuki
Author: Kei Sanbe
Artist: Kei Sanbe
Serialized in: Young Gangan

Summary: This particular series, Hohzuki Island (鬼燈の島, Hohzuki no Shima, lit. The Island of Hohzuki) is in the mystery/horror genre. It’s about two children being sent to live on a basically deserted island. Deserted except for a few other kids and teachers. Suzuhara Kokoro and his blind little sister Yume find that all is not as it seems as they learn more from the other kids and see the actions of their teachers. I’ll leave you to find out the rest. Needless to say, it’s both a ghost story and a sort of murder mystery.

Genre(s): This manga is currently uncategorized

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