Featured Series: King of Thorns by Yuji Iwahara

King of Thorns

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Author: Yuji Iwahara
Artist: Yuji Iwahara
Serialized in: Monthly Comic Beam

Summary: Ibara no Ō is a science fiction drama. It is told mostly from the view point of a girl named Kasumi. It begins when 160 people are chosen to go into cold sleep until a cure is found for their mysterious disease. Medusa. Six weeks after contracting the disease the victim will start to have seizures. Within five hours all your cells have solidified into a clay like substance.

When some of the sleepers wake up the world has drastically changed, there is a veritable jungle around the facility. Weird mutated animals and no sign of anyone else. Most of them get eaten early on.

Later in the storyline the people from the capsules realize they have only been asleep for a very short period of time and come to realize the entirety of the situation they are in.

Genre(s): This manga is currently uncategorized

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