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Mysterious Girlfriend X

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Also Known as: Nazo no Kanojo X
Author: UESHIBA Riichi
Artist: UESHIBA Riichi
Serialized in: Afternoon (Kodansha)

Summary: One day, a strange transfer student appears before Tsubaki. Urabe Mikoto is an antisocial girl, whose hobby is just sleeping during class-breaks. One day, Tsubaki goes to wake her up and accidentally tastes her drool... And gets hooked on that!

After that, he starts going out with her and gets to know her better. Her second hobby, as it turns out, is carrying around scissors in her panties.

Genre(s): ecchi, romance, school-life, supernatural

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
07-28-2011 058 - TKTranslate Mysterious Girlfriend X 58
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06-05-2011 056 - tktranslate Mysterious Girlfriend X 56
10-14-2010 049 - Mysterious Carnivorous Girl - Part 1 tktranslate Mysterious Girlfriend X 49
10-27-2010 048 - Mysterious Pair tktranslate Mysterious Girlfriend X 48
08-07-2010 047 - Mysterious Live Concert tktranslate Mysterious Girlfriend X 47
10-28-2010 037 - Approaching Darkness The Company Mysterious Girlfriend X 37