Featured Series: Nabari no Ou by KAMATANI Yuhki

Nabari no Ou

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Also Known as: Nabari no Oh Nabari Ruler Prince of Nabari Ruler of Nabar
Author: KAMATANI Yuhki
Artist: KAMATANI Yuhki
Serialized in: GFantasy (Square Enix)

Summary: Rokujou Miharu was a seemly reluctant junior high student living in his own world. However, within him, lurked the ultimate power of Nabari*, “Omnipotent”. To possess such supreme weapon, the Wolf Pack of Iga* swore to bring Miharu back to Iga village. On the other hand, Miharu’s English teacher, Kumohira sensei*, and classmate, Kouichi, were the Banten* ninjas whose mission was to protect Miharu. A war waged over the ownership of “Omnipotent” thus started. To survive, Miharu must enter the hidden world Nabari, to become the king

Genre(s): action, comedy, romance, school-life, shounen

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