Featured Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Also Known as: *
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Artist: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Serialized in: Shōnen Ace

Summary: In the year 2000, a disaster known as 'second impact' destriyed Antartica and wiped out half the human population. Its now the year 2010 and Shinji Ikari is a 14 year old boy who has had a bad relationship with his father, Gendo Ikari, due to him leaving Shinji alone at a young age. Shinji has no self-esteem and is always in self-doubt. One day, years after they have last communicated, Gendo calls Shinji to the city Tokyo-3, saying he needed him. Shinji is not sure what he must do, but on arrival he is taken to NERV headquarters and strapped in a humanoid robot and is forced to fight a creature called an 'angel' with no prior training...

Genre(s): drama, mature, mecha, psychological, sci-fi, supernatural, tragedy

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05-16-2011 084 - Calling Project ENIS Neon Genesis Evangelion 84