Featured Series: Nuiguru Mix by Yuuji Izumi

Nuiguru Mix

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Also Known as: ぬいぐるみっくす, Niguru Mikkusu, NuiguruMix
Author: Yuuji Izumi
Artist: Yuuji Izumi

Summary: Kouta's school-year is off to a great start; this year he and lovely Ayano are in the same class--and they're sitting next to each other! Here's the problem: whenever Kouta get's excited he passes out--and wakes up in a stuffed toy. (No, he's not cos-play--he is the stuffed toy.) It's never the same toy and it always seems to have some sexy girl hugging it close. Then his childhood friend Ako gets involved and Kouta's begins to realize Ako is not a child anymore...

Genre(s): comedy, ecchi, romance, school-life

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