Featured Series: Open Sesame by Kawataka Kaoru

Open Sesame

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Author: Kawataka Kaoru
Artist: Kawataka Kaoru
Serialized in: Magazine Special (Kodansha)

Summary: From AnimeWaves:
Danjou Yamato is a high school student who lives in the countryside and is the boxing champion of the region. However, when his family has to move out to live in Tokyo, he is transfered to a school in Tokyo that was previously an all-girls school. Girls have a lot of power and give the guys a hard time. But Yamato will not bow down to the power of the girls, and on his way to claim power for the guys in the school, he finds out something about his past...something that he had forgotten long ago...

Genre(s): comedy, romance, school-life, shounen

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11-18-2010 091 - Special Happy! Anime Waves Open Sesame 91