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Our Hero Studies

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Author: Shuichi Aso
Artist: Shuichi Aso

Summary: A mysterious transfer student shows up in a peaceful classroom at Holy Lance Academy. Their teacher announces that he is quitting because he won the summer jumbo lottery and continuing to teach would be stupid, much to the disgust and surprise of the students. It's suddenly revealed that the weird new student is actually their new homeroom teacher, Haganeno Ken, who wastes no time in unveiling that he is a hero.

Genre(s): comedy, school-life, shounen

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
03-02-2008 003 - The Meddling Stalker bludshock Our Hero Studies 3
03-02-2008 002 - Ibaraki Muchiko bludshock Our Hero Studies 2
03-02-2008 001 - Haganeno Ken bludshock Our Hero Studies 1