Featured Series: Psycho Busters by AOKI Yuuya

Psycho Busters

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Author: AOKI Yuuya
Artist: NAO Akinari
Serialized in: Kodansha

Summary: The story follows the life of Kakeru, while wishing for something a little more exciting to happen in his life, inadvertably receives it when he crosses paths with a group of gifted youths calling themselves “Psychics” who claim to need his help. After having escaped from a secret government organisation known as the “Greenhouse”, they’re now on the run from the pursuing “farmers”. But why do they need Kakeru’s help. Could it be he has a power too?

Genre(s): action, fantasy, psychological, school-life, shounen, supernatural

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06-13-2011 023 - Muda Scanlation Psycho Busters 23