Featured Series: REC by HANAMIZAWA Q-taro


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Also Known as: Rekku
Author: HANAMIZAWA Q-taro
Artist: HANAMIZAWA Q-taro
Serialized in: Sunday Gene-X

Summary: REC is a romance about a 26-year old average Joe (Matsumaru Fumihiko) encountering a 20-year old aspiring voice actress (Onda Aka).

A salaryman Matsumaru Fumihiko 26, asked his colleague miss Tanaka to watch a movie with him, but she doesn't show up at the movie theater. As he is about to throw away the ticket, a rookie seiyuu girl named Onda Aka aged 20 asked for the ticket and they end up watching the movie together. On their way home they notice that they live near each other. That night, Aka's apartment burns down. Matsumaru offers his help and they end up with Aka living with him. They have to keep it a secret to secure their jobs. What will happen to the relationship that is "more than friends but less than lovers"

Genre(s): comedy, drama, ecchi, mature, romance

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