Featured Series: Rozen Maiden by PEACH-PIT

Rozen Maiden

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Also Known as: ????????
Serialized in: Comic Birz, Young Jump

Summary: From Tokyopop:
After a traumatic incident, Jun Sakurada refuses to interact with the outside world and return to school--he even shuts out his sister, his closest friend. Jun spends most of his time online buying spiritual items that are obvious rip-offs. One day he finds a website that curiously enough asks him to put his order in his desk drawer. Thinking it's a joke, Jun plays along. The following day a suitcase arrives containing a doll named Shinku... that comes to life before his very eyes! Welcome to the world of Rozen Maiden, where Jun must enter an all-new reality to protect and serve a living doll...

Genre(s): drama, seinen, supernatural

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