Featured Series: Rozen Maiden II by Peach-Pit

Rozen Maiden II

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Also Known as: Rozen Maiden Tales
Author: Peach-Pit
Artist: Peach-Pit
Serialized in: Weekly Young Jump

Summary: Takes place in an alternate universe, one in which Jun did not choose to "wind up". And so he never met Shinku, nor any of the Rozen Maidens. Growing up, he now works in a bookshop while studying. There, he came across a magazine entitled "How to Make a Girl". The "girl" of course, is the Rozen Maidens. Every new publication of the magazine he receives thereafter contained parts of the (proud) 5th doll of the Rozen Maidens, Shinku, and directions on how to build her.

Genre(s): drama, seinen, supernatural

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