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Saint Seiya - Next Dimension

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Also Known as: ????? NEXT Saint Seiya - Next Dimension - Mei? Shinwa Saint Seiya - Next Dimension - The Myth of Hades The Knights of The Zodiac - Next Dimension - Myth of the Lord of the Underworld
Author: KURUMADA Masami
Artist: KURUMADA Masami
Serialized in: Shuukan Shounen Champion (Akita Shoten)

Summary: In 1990 (previously 1986, but Kurumada moved dates), in Elysion; the five Bronze Saints Seiya, Hy?ga, Shun, Shiry? and Ikki, having wreaked havoc in the Underworld's army and succeeding in resurrecting the God Cloths, engage the god Hades in a final duel to the death.

During the battle, Hades remembers that he has seen Seiya's face before and comes to the conclusion that he faced him before. He thus starts reminiscing about his previous host body, and the story starts 247 years prior, in the 18th century.

The protagonist, the Pegasus Saint of this era, is an orphan who is best friends with a boy named Alone, the host of Hades. Former Bronze Saints Dohko and Sion, two prominent characters in Kurumada's original manga as the sole survivors of the holy war of that century, have just been promoted to Gold Saints and eventually the two duos meet.

Genre(s): action, shounen

Reader Chapters

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05-31-2011 034 - Gemini Abel Gold Star Scans Saint Seiya - Next Dimension 34
07-06-2011 032 - Gold Star Scans Saint Seiya - Next Dimension 32