Featured Series: Saki by Ritz Kobayashi


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Author: Ritz Kobayashi
Artist: Ritz Kobayashi
Serialized in: Young Gangan

Summary: Saki is the story of a high school girl whose family would get angry if she won her family’s mahjong games, and withhold her New Year’s money. But if she lost her family’s games, well… she’d lose her money anyways. As a result, she learned to toe the line between winning and losing, hating the game every step of the way. Yet when an old friend drags her to the school mahjong club against her will, it becomes evident that this odd training in the game has made her quite an interesting opponent.

Genre(s): romance, school-life, slice-of-life, sports

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
04-13-2008 000 - Prologue 01 Musashi Quality & Amerika Hikkikomori Kyokai Saki 0