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Also Known as: ?? Coq de Combat Gamecock Shamo: Gallo de pelea (Spanish) Shamo: nato per combattere (Italian)
Author: HASHIMOTO Izou
Artist: TANAKA Akio
Serialized in: Futabasha (vols 1-19) Kodansha (vols 20-ongoing)

Summary: At the age of sixteen Ryo Narushima was a genius and looked to have no trouble of getting into Tokyo University and joining the elite of society. However, that summer something cracked inside Ryo's head. With a small knife he brutally murdered both of his parents only leaving his sister alive and cowering in a corner. It is at this grotesque incident that our story begins.

Genre(s): action, drama, mature, psychological, seinen

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08-29-2011 063 - Black Vs White (3) Illuminati-Manga Shamo 63