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Spray King

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Also Known as: ???????
Author: MIKUNI Shin
Artist: MIKUNI Shin
Serialized in: Shounen Rival

Summary: In the city named Kotobuki, there is a rumor of a man who defeats bad people and only leave the giant, beautiful graffiti in the scene. Since no one has ever seen that man in person, they called him "Spray King." Kuroda Miu, a photography student in an art academy and part-time photographer for one of the weekly magazine, wants to capture Spray King onto her photograph in order to create a good scoop in the magazine. One day, she met with Tanaka Torateru, a boy who just entered the academy but wasn't that good in art. How could the meeting of the two lead to the "truth" about the city they lived in and about the hero in the shadow named Spray King? (Source Ju-da-su)

Genre(s): action, adventure, mystery, shounen

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
05-10-2009 002 - Chapter 02 Binktopia Spray King 2
05-10-2009 001 - Chapter 01 ryColaa Spray King 1