Featured Series: Tales of Destiny 2 by N/A

Tales of Destiny 2

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Author: N/A
Artist: Makoto 2 Gou
Serialized in: GFantasy

Summary: Being the child born between Stan and Rutee, two of the 'four heroes' who had saved the world from crisis a few years ago, the young boy, Kyle, has inherited his father’s golden locks, indigo blue eyes and a straight forward characteristic. Day after day, Kyle spent his time longing to become a hero and to experience an adventure of his own, just like his parents.

One day, along with Loni, who he had considered to be his brother, Kyle went to the depths of the forest and found a gigantic lens inside an ancient ruin. In his first adventure, Kyle had an encounter with a mysterious girl.

Who is the ‘hero’ the girl is searching for?

Genre(s): action, adventure, fantasy, shounen

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