Featured Series: Tekken Chinmi Legends by Takeshi Maekawa

Tekken Chinmi Legends

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Author: Takeshi Maekawa

Summary: Tekken Chinmi legends is a new arc of Chinmi, along with one of his student called Gunte, to make known the Kung Fu of Dairin temple to some places. There's a visit from neighboring country at that time. Princess Mito, the representative from that country was kidnapped and brought to Maulong; a town populated by criminals....

Genre(s): action, shounen

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
07-06-2011 043 - Red Hawk Scanlations Tekken Chinmi Legends 43
12-08-2010 042 - Their Relationship Red Hawk Scanlations Tekken Chinmi Legends 42