Featured Series: Zettai Karen Children by Takashi Shina

Zettai Karen Children

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Author: Takashi Shina
Artist: Takashi Shina

Summary: It's the 21st century, and the number of ESPers continues to increase. They are active in the military, diplomacy, politics, and in other places. They hold the key for global competition. A country that controls ESP can control the world! However individuals who posses higher that Level 4 are less than 3% of the population. There are only three Level 7 people who have government contracts. These three are Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho, ten-year old girls, who work for B.A.B.E.L. With the guidance of Kouichi, a twenty-year old genius, they catch criminals and evil ESPers.
11 volume ongoing from mangaka SHINA takashi

Genre(s): action, comedy, supernatural

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