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Zippy Ziggy

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Author: HWANG Seung-Man
Artist: KIM Eun-Jung
Serialized in: N/A

Summary: Reputation is everything in a world of icons and popularity contests. So why not score some points here and there by being the nice guy? This is the way Shinghi Ghang legitimizes the fake personality he has everyone believing. Armed with his above average looks and a (completely false) angel-like personality, he has every girl in school head over heels, and all the guys looking to him for guidance. With the exception of having a screwed up cross-dressing devil for a dad, Shinghi’s life is absolute perfection (*cough* of lies), until one day, Sung-Hae transfers to his school.

Genre(s): comedy, shounen

Reader Chapters

Updated Chapter Scanlator  
06-24-2011 053 - The Company Zippy Ziggy 53
11-26-2010 042 - Trap The Company (Grumpy Scanlations) Zippy Ziggy 42
12-01-2010 041 - The Company Zippy Ziggy 41
11-12-2010 040 - Start of Temptation The Company (Grumpy Scanlations) Zippy Ziggy 40
11-13-2010 039 - Good Boy The Company (Grumpy Scanlations) Zippy Ziggy 39
10-27-2010 038 - Transfer Student Jang-hyun The Company Zippy Ziggy 38
10-28-2010 037 - Approaching Darkness The Company Zippy Ziggy 37
10-28-2010 036 - True Woman The Company Zippy Ziggy 36
09-21-2010 035 - Shattering Reality Grumpy Zippy Ziggy 35
09-06-2010 034 - D-Day Grumpy Zippy Ziggy 34
08-30-2010 033 - Zippy Ziggy 33
08-12-2010 032 - Between Strong and Weak Grumpy Zippy Ziggy 32